Resource Resilience Counseling

Grow Resilience. Heal Trauma. Shape Change.

Rebecca Renfrow is a resilience counselor and group facilitator using Organic Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing and the Creative Community model to help individuals and communities cultivate resource to support and sustain movement toward equity, dignity, vitality and joy. 

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Resilience Coaching

Combining mindfulness, positive psychology, creative practices and Organic Intelligence, I work with clients to grow resilience in body, mind, and spirit. I have a special interest in supporting activists, artists, and helping professionals in working for positive change creatively and sustainably.

In both groups and one-on-one, I help people understand the neurobiology of accumulated stress and vicarious trauma and support them to cultivate resilience practices.

Are you at risk of burning out? Already burnt out? Burnt out again? We can work together to shift these patterns so you can continue to give your gifts to the work you care about. 

The world needs us to show up for movements toward equity, dignity and vitality of all peoples. In order to create the deep and lasting change needed, we must move from an internally resourced place.   

Coaching can happen in person or remotely using zoom, skype or google hangouts. Please contact me to learn about how we can connect from a distance.





2331 E Madison Street. Seattle, Washington 98112


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