Resource Resilience Counseling

Grow Resilience. Heal Trauma. Shape Change.

Rebecca Renfrow is a resilience counselor and group facilitator using Organic Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing and the Creative Community model to help individuals and communities cultivate resource to support and sustain movement toward equity, dignity, vitality and joy. 

Welcome to Resource Resilience counseling

Integrated mind+body therapy to grow resilience, transform trauma, and support individuals and communities to shape creative change for good.  

I Help people move beyond coping, toward embodied, creative, and joyful living. 

My Clients:

  • want to live more alive in their bodies in the here and now

  • are interested in therapy that combines neurobiological science, mindfulness, and spiritual growth

  • want to engage personal change process with more curiosity and creativity

  • may be already invested in growth and healing work and need help resolving previously overwhelming or undernourishing experiences

  • are ready to transform underlying patterns of driving cycles of addiction, relationship conflict, and emotional disregulation

Consider reaching out for a free 20 minute conversation to explore working together. 


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2331 E Madison Street. Seattle, Washington 98112


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