Resource Resilience Counseling

Grow Resilience. Heal Trauma. Shape Change.

Rebecca Renfrow is a resilience counselor and group facilitator using Organic Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing and the Creative Community model to help individuals and communities cultivate resource to support and sustain movement toward equity, dignity, vitality and joy. 

Scheduling and Late Cancelation Policy

 Scheduling Appointments: Clients are responsible for scheduling appointments. While it may be possible to establish a regular, recurring time for sessions if you wish, appointments are not “standing” and there may be times when your preferred appointment time is not available.

A confirmed appointment is a commitment. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact me as soon as possible. In the event you are unable to keep an appointment, you must contact me at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled appointment time to avoid late cancelation charges. If you are late, our time together will not be extended.

No-shows and Late Cancellations: In the case of a cancelation within less than 72 hours, you will be charged $20. In the case of a no-show or cancelation within less than 48 hours you will be charged the full fee for the session you missed.

Missed sessions cannot be reimbursed by insurance.

Life Happens: All clients will be eligible for one Life Happens/Sick Day, get out of fee free pass each year for use in case of sudden sickness or unavoidable complication. Pass not available in case of no-show or cancelation within one hour of scheduled time.

One additional Emergency pass is available in case of extreme events such as hospitalizations, sudden death of a loved one, car accident on the way to session or other events of this nature.

If my schedule can accommodate a rescheduling of a late cancellation in the same week, M-F, the late cancel fee may be applied to that appointment. Remote telephone or Telehealth (video) sessions are also available to allow you to keep your scheduled appointment even when you cannot make it to the office. Please note that insurance may not reimburse for remote sessions.

Inclement Weather: Following Seattle Public Schools, in case of snow days or other inclement weather, my office will be closed or will open late. I will offer remote telephone or Telehealth sessions instead providing that electric, internet, and/or phone service is available.


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